Event Security

When it comes to Event Security, we at Dome Security, work beyond just deploying the Personnel. Our approach remains always Professional for every detailing.

Whether its our first event at the Venue or a regular one, we don't take it easy. We always recce the venue, by going through all the routes again. Indoor and Outdoor Venues require different approach and planning.

We suggest management team / production team, guidelines to follow by the Guests. Equipment like Walkies, DFMD, HHMD, Scanner, may be required and may differ from venue to venue. Some Venue would want us to check with HHMD, some might tell us to frisk body by hands (to check for any match box / lighters / drugs etc). Some Venues with large gathering may need Cardiac Ambulance with Doctor / Fire Brigade / Police presence etc, which is normally informed to client after the Final Recce is done.

We make our own Check List to follow a day prior to the Event. On the Day of Event, all our Personnel go through briefings, efore final deployment. Local Liaisoning can be done, whenever required.

For any Event, we take booking 10 days prior the Event.